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HOW-TO Create Bamboo & 3D Tomoto in Photoshop

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Why use a gradient mesh? Gradient mesh is usually compared to three other colour techniques: standard gradients; object blends in Illustrator; or painting in Photoshop or Corel Painter.

Draw a Nice Bamboo Artwork using Photoshop

Lots of artist are taking the steps to create different sort of plants. Now, this tutorial will show you a nice bamboo artwork. Although bamboo looks so simple and easy to work with, it is as complex as flower.

Realistic 3D Tomato Creation

You may wonder tow to draw a realistic fruit. It is not too difficult after you read this tomato tutorial. The most important elements are reflection and shade. As long as you can get familiar with these, it will be very easy for you to draw other fruits. If you’re reasonably familiar with Illustrator’s Pen tool and other path-drawing, selection, and colour tools, you can use the Gradient Mesh feature to add realistic colouring, lighting, and 3D characteristics to a flat vector object. Ultimately, gradient mesh can give you the effect of photo-realistic painting with all the benefits and freedom of resolution-independent vector artwork.

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