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20 Best Design Themes for Joomla

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When you are planning the launch of a new website or a major revamp of your web page, you surely want it to function like clockwork, have quality content and high-end features. But the key aspect is probably the way your website looks. Decision are made within split seconds, and visitors will decide whether they stay on your page or leave it based on their first impressions.

An attractive, professional-looking design is a must-have for your website, but how much will it cost? If you order a custom-created design, its cost will include all the expenses on creating the look and then converting it to a theme, ready for use on the web. But if you’re the lucky owner of a CMS-powered website and use Joomla, WordPress, or one of other leading platforms, your new design can cost a hundred bucks or a bit more. Getting a ready-made template for your content management system, you save hundreds of dollars – and, as if this wasn’t enough, lots of time, too. The design you buy is ready to go, and there’s no need to wait for months until it’s completed. A day or two on installation and setup – and your brand new web page can go live.

Sounds attractive? Then read further, because we have prepared twenty awesome designs for you – if your website is Joomla-based. Created specifically for this powerful and user-friendly content management system, Joomla templates in our collection will let you:

Get a Mobile-Friendly Website

Is your current website responsive? If not, you might be losing dozens of visitors every day, because it’s really inconvenient for those users who browse the web on their smartphones or tablets. So get one of these mobile-ready themes and be sure your website looks great on any mobile device.

Tweak the Design to Your Liking

All themes are customizable, so you can play with the images and the elements of the design to make it just perfect for your website. If you like the theme as it is and wouldn’t change anything, you’re welcome to do that: you get all the images in your theme and a license that allows their use on your website.

Choose from the Largest Collection of Templates

Can’t find the right design among these twenty? Go ahead and browse the website of the provider. TemplateMonster.com offers the biggest collection of commercial designs online, so you are sure to find the right fit there!

Receive Help and Support

As a reputable templates resource, TemplateMonster.com provides round-o-clock customer support to help you out with the theme you buy. If you need help with installation and setup, TemplateMonster provides that, too.

So, now that you know all the perks you get with a predesigned Joomla template, it’s time to look through the collection and find the perfect match for your website!

Modern Black – Construction Company Responsive Joomla Template

With its simple background, minimalistic fonts, and big square elements, this design looks perfect for a modern architecture bureau.

Construction Company Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Cute Pets – Pets Club Joomla Theme

Combining spacious white with warm orange, this responsive big-resolution template looks warm and cute. It’s a nice choice for a website on pets and pet care.

Pets Club Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Elegant Corporate – Balanced Business Joomla Design

Balancing neutral grays with dusty red, this content-rich responsive theme is a good fit for a corporate website.

Balanced Business Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Classy Restaurant – Compact Cafe And Restaurant Joomla Template

This clean mobile-ready template with a prettily designed background will be a great choice for a classy restaurant.

Compact Café And Restaurant Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Tasteful Lingerie – Lingerie Responsive Joomla Theme

This softly colored design with bright fuchsia accents looks clean and tasteful. It will work well for an online lingerie store or a website on lingerie.

Lingerie Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Bright Management – Management Made Efficiently Joomla Template

The bright details make this professional-looking responsive theme more noticeable and eye-catching. It’s a good option for the website of a management company.

Management Made Efficiently Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Stylish Models – Fashion School Joomla Design

The accent in this clean mobile-ready design with a reserved color scheme is on the gorgeous images in the lightbox and the original background beneath it. It’s a stylish choice for the web page of a fashion school or a model agency.

Fashion School Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Clean & Trendy – Business Strategies Joomla Template

This big-resolution mobile-ready template is generous with white and has a pure, spacious look, even though the homepage is rich in information. It’s a great option for a modern business website.

Business Strategies Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Diving Blog – Diving Responsive Joomla Design

The lightbox with stunning photos is the center of this otherwise simple design. It’s created specifically for the diving industry and will make a good diving blog.

Diving Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Travel Joy – Travel Center Joomla Template

This mobile-ready design is very simple in terms of structure, but the background image makes it look amazing. It will work well for the website of a travel agency.

Travel Center Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Happy Smile – Fancy Dentistry Joomla Theme

Lots of white combined with cyan make this clean mobile-ready design perfect for a dentist’s website.

Fancy Dentistry Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Dark Tattoo Design – Elegant Tattoo Salon Joomla Template

With an original logo on a textured black background and great photos of tattoo works, this mobile-ready theme is perfect for the website of tattoo salon.

Elegant Tattoo Salon Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Warm Health Care – Positive Medical Joomla Design

With its color scheme and the photos in the lightbox, this responsive design has a warm and positive feel about it. This is a good choice for the web page of a home health care agency.

Positive Medical Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Cosplay Costumes – Games Responsive Joomla Template

This dark design with a prominent lightbox is a good fit for a costumes agency, but it could also work well for a website on games or fantasy movies.

Games Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Fresh Ideas – Outsourcing Agency Joomla Theme

With its light color scheme and big elements, this mobile-ready template looks fresh and modern. It’s a good choice for the website of an outsourcing company.

Outsourcing Agency Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Happy Couples – Dating Responsive Joomla Template

This clean theme with pleasant green details and lovely photos of couples is a good fit for a dating website.

Dating Responsive Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Dark & Minimalistic – Architecture Agency Joomla Design

This darkly colored responsive theme with simple lines and square elements is a great choice for the website of an architecture agency.

Architecture Agency Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Slick White – Motoring Joomla Template

Using lots of white and slick gray, this clean mobile-friendly template is a good fit for a website on cars or an online car magazine.

Motoring Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Flat Interior – Square Real Estate Joomla Theme

With flat square elements, this responsive theme looks trendy, and the color scheme makes it tasteful. It will work well for an apartment rental website.

Square Real Estate Joomla Template

Details | Demo

Marketing Business – Professional Marketing Joomla Template

This mobile-ready template with a classic color scheme looks professional and will make a great website for a marketing agency.

Professional Marketing Joomla Template

Details | Demo

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