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Lomography Effects! 30+ Exceptional Lomogrpahy Snapshots

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Lomography is such a photography gear. It is the commercial trademark of Lomographische AG, Austria for products and services catering. The name is inspired by the former state-run optics manufacturer LOMO PLC of Saint Petersburg, Russia. LOMO PLC created and produced the 35 mm LOMO LC-A Compact Automat camera which became the centerpiece of Lomography’s swell. This camera was loosely based upon the Cosina CX-1 and introduced in the early 1980s. The Lomo LC-A lens effect can be digitally emulated with photo-editing software such as GIMP or Photoshop. Lomography is an effectual and splendid piece of photography which you can continue it anywhere any time. So let’s have a look on our todays post “Lomography Effects! 30+ Exceptional Lomogrpahy Snapshots” and enjoy.

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