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Extremely Glamorous Fashion Portraits To Blow Your Mind

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Shooting glamour photography can be like shooting traditional portraits with traditional lighting setups. However, modifying the standard approach to portraits can add more life and interest to your shot. And when it comes to shooting glamour, rules are actually guidelines… the most interesting glamour shots out there in the real world are taken by photographers who have veered from the “rules” to come up with their own bag of tricks for shooting. This lesson will show you a couple of simple modifications you can make to a standard portrait lighting setup to enhance the appeal of your images to help you come up with some good ideas of your own.

This post features Extremely Glamorous Fashion Portraits To Blow Your Mind from across several source of inspiration I’ve found across the jootix, this will hopefully introduce you to some really Sexy and glamorous photography.

Please note that clicking on the photographs below will take you to the full sized version. Enjoy and give us feedback through your nice comments.

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