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35 Handy Photoshop Tutorials To Design Icon’s

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If you are a website designer (or in any other domain) and you are not that good in Adobe Illustrator to design logos/icons, don’t worry! It’s not hard as soon as you get to know how this program works and understand very well what logo means but this is only achievable by practice. Also it’s very important to learn and extend your knowledge because as much as you know as better it is. If you want to learn how to design logos or icons in Adobe Illustrator or you just want to improve your skills in this domain, here you have a collection of 53 Logos and Icons Tutorials in Adobe Illustrator that can help your inspiration.

Designing a New Icon In Illustrator

Create the Volkswagen Logo

Reflections Done Right – Creating a Money Roll Icon

iTune Icon

How To Make an Icy Cocktail

How to make an awesome logo using Photoshop

Create a Simple Storefront Icon

How to Create a Shiny Bucket Icon

How to Create a Yellow Submarine Icon with Gradient Meshes

How to create the Sony-Ericsson logo – Photoshop tutorial

Vector printer tutorial Illustrator

Create A Briefcase Icon

How to Create a Golden, Vector Compass in Illustrator

Google Chrome Logo Design

Create An Awesome Space Rocket Avatar in Illustrator

How to Create a Transparent Battery Icon

Translucent IM Style Icon

How to Design the Firefox Logo in Photoshop

Create a Neat Price Tag

Make a 3D Vector Film Roll, Drawn in Perspective

Detailed Camera with Photo Icon

Designing a Pepsi Logo

How to Create a Quirky Twitter Bird in Corel Draw

How to Create a Gearbox Settings Icon Using Simple Shapes

Vector Safari Compass

Making the ATI LOGO photoshop tutorial

Icon Design tutorial: How to Make a Calendar Icon

Alarm Clock Icon

Metallic Transformer Logo


Photoshop Laser Printer Icon Tutorial

Star Wars text effect

How to Make a Badass WordPress Logo

Create a Glossy Volt Icon in Photoshop

Origami Swan Logo in Photoshop

Create a USB Speaker Icon in Photoshop

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