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Round Up Of Superlative Technology & Gadgets Launched In 2011

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It’s time for some technological stuff! Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. The world is going too fast and the large number of technologies is launched day by day. Its 2012 and the technology dispersal is extending. Famous Brands are working harder to launch the advance technologies. Today we have decided to show you some of best technologies which were launched in 2011. So set back and stare on our today’s article “Round Up Of Superlative Technology & Gadgets Launched In 2011”.


Very cute dual function Sony product of compact projector camera.

A cute dual function design Sony product named Smiley Pico, front of it there’s a camera on the left and a projector on the right, the back is a big touch screen as interface for operation, of course, the USB port is absolutely necessary for an up to date product to communicate with other devices and transfer data. There’s an additional tripod for flexible uses. Its lovely shape and useful features make it as an awesome digital product to users.

Researchers in Canada have produced flexible paper-like smart phone.

Flexible paper-like Smartphone has been produced and demonstrated in Canada, which can play music and read e-books, of course, can also make phone call. :) It can be used as touch screen or manipulated by being bent. Paper phone is jointly researched and produced by Queen’s University in Kingston of Canada, USA’s Arizona State University and the E-Ink Corporation’s researchers, it’s made of electronic paper of millimeters thick, and e-Ink it uses is same with the technology of Amazon’s Kindle E-reader.

Making your own premium beer – All-in-one Williams Warn Personal Brewery.

Just putting the right ingredients, with this stainless steel Personal Brewery, you can be a brew master and make your own carbonated and refreshing beers of 78 styles in a week. This awesome personal home brewing system is created by Williams Warn Company in New Zealand, they claim that Williams Warn Personal Brewery can only take 7 days to produce commercial quality beer, ingredients can be chosen according to your own tastes.

An alarm clock gently wakes you up with delicious aroma of bacon.

An alarm clock named Wake n’ Bacon which is designed by Mattie Saline, Daniel Bartolini and Hsiao-huh Hsu, it’s especially designed for those people who don’t like to wake up by harsh alarm. Putting a slice of bacon in it the night before, next morning it will wake up people with mouthwatering smell of freshly cooked bacon and sound of sizzling bacon. Unfortunately, however, it’s only a concept product now.

Portable watermelon cooler.

It’s keen enjoyment to eat iced watermelon in the scorching sun. Joy bond, a Japanese company, recently developed portal watermelon cooling product called ‘Marugoto Tamachan,’ users can take it anywhere and eat iced watermelon anytime. In fact, this product is not only able to make watermelon cooling, but also can keep warm with its heating function.

Clever and useful design for cleaning digital products.

Cleaning digital products is a very troublesome work, because there’re many tight areas and crevices are unreachable. Smart designer Andrew Seunghyun Kim made this cleaning system named Warp for our digital Medias. Using microfiber and detailing pen with various tips, it can easily clean complex surfaces, USB ports, cracks of keyboards, cables and detailing, which is also a system can hide wires and dock iPhone.

DXT Precision Mouse – unique ambidextrous vertical mouse.

Designer Rajani Baburajan want to change the operation of the mouse that people are accustomed, he designed a ambidextrous vertical mouse called DXT Precision Mouse, designed and made are according to ergonomics, and its precision can help people deal with operation which need higher standard. DXT Precision Mouse has a laser device, two buttons (one at the bottom and the other at the top) and a vertical scroll wheel in the center. This unique mouse is also designed for left-handers and can be easily switched between right-handers and left-handers.

Coolest new gadgets – Koko Muo Watch by Azahara Morales – Latest cool gadgets.

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Coolest new gadgets – Acer Tempo X960 for Adventurers – Latest cool gadgets.

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Appealing design – Light bulb radio.

Radio in combination with light. Designer Na Yoon-mi’s concept with avant-garde design elements, the shape of this radio looks a bulb alike. On transparent material screens the radio frequency and volume displayed in a unique form, by the slider on the right user can adjust the radio frequency displaying on the screen. Beautiful lighting affects couples with a kind of minimalist user interface design, making it more attractive.

Convenient USB Ray Solar Charger For Portable Gadgets.

Solar charging may not be a new idea, but this product is really convenient.

The Ray solar charger designed and developed by the Quirky community.


2.5″ x 2.5″ x 3″

Battery storage is sufficient to fully charge a cell phone even at night as well

Universal USB port

Flexible suction cup can be placed on any glass surface

Bracket can make it stable in any case to allow it optimal access to sunlight

LED indicator shows battery status

Creative iPhone peripheral fashionable products.

Since jobs released after the iphone, all kinds of accessories are emerging market, there are many creative peripheral products is very iphone attract eyeball, so I decided to share with you about, perhaps really like title, there really is a peripheral accessories can let you was in tears

Wear the entire digital world on your wrist!

Surely high-tech cool wrist watches everybody might think at first glance, yes, it’s a wrist band which can project the time between its two ends. Actually, this concept named Roller phone features a cell phone, multimedia player, chat online, e-reader, etc. Wearer can pull its retractable transparent screen to make or answer a call.

Invention Awards: A Mirror That Monitors Vital Signs.

One night in late 2009, Ming-Zher Poh and his roommate, Dan McDuff, asked some friends to sit in front of a laptop. Poh, an electrical- and medical-engineering graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was trying to transform the computer’s webcam into a heart-rate monitor. He hoped that his software would allow doctors to check the vital signs of burn victims or babies without attaching uncomfortable clips, and that it would make it easier for adults to track their cardiovascular health over time. That night, the program wasn’t working in real time, but its measurements were near perfect. “Right away I knew we had something special,” Poh says.

The Lush Mobile Mansion (Tabbert Paganini Caravan).

Tabbert Paganini is a deluxe well-designed mansion on wheels allows you to move about like a king. Sporting an striking exterior form, the gratification doubles up with exquisitely meticulous interiors. low profile stainless steel veins in the top cabinets and the table with real wood edge are visible and tangible proof of highest quality.

The Roaming Residence! Zero House (Prefabricated Solar Dwelling).

The zero House is a small, prefabricated house that can easily be shipped and quickly erected.  It features a full kitchen, bath, and all elements necessary to comfortably support four adults.  What sets the zero House apart from other prefabricated structures on the market, however, is its ability to operate independently, without the need for any external utility or waste disposal connections. The zero House can be used in many ways, including residential uses in remote or ecologically sensitive locations, as tourism resort units, or as living or office modules for remote employment such as mining, construction, or relief agency uses.

Luxury USB Flash Drive by LaCie.

This elegant luxury USB flash drive called “Galet” is a result of collaboration of LaCie with French luxury brand Christophe. Silver-plated, pebble-shaped 4GB USB flash drive costs $130 and comes with gift box from LaCie’s Paris factory. The drive includes LaCie’s password-protection software and a matching amount of online storage via Wuala, providing extra protection, and is USB 3 compatible.

Elegant Valentine Notebook.

Valentine Notebook is a concept created by designers from CreativeDNAaustria. The prototype of this luxury notebook is elegant compact typewriter Valentine invented and designed by Ettore Sot sass and Perry King in 1969. Notebook looks exactly like the legendary typewriter and instead of paper sheet there is a flexible display. Interesting and elegant concept!

Samsung Proxima Concept from Johan Loekito.

This stylish concept isn’t so simple as it looks at the first glance. This is LED wristwatch and phone at the same time. It was created by industrial designer from California Johan Loekito. As it was noticed in description of device it is a collaborative project with Samsung Design America created in fall. The slogan of this project – you’ll never lose your phone again. Open the post and you’ll know how it works.

Norio Fujikawa Spider Robot “Kanibot”.

We’ve already told you about creative robot which looks like spider – Private Robot: Crow 540. And today we want to show you another one. Concept of robot spy was represented by designer named Norio Fujikawa. The machine resembles a spider, it moves using legs instead of wheels that allow it to freely choose the direction of movement, as well as to overcome any terrain that may be useful when it comes to spying. To maximize the surveillance robot equipped with a powerful camera for making photos and video in high definition. Additional Kanibot is equipped with motion sensor that activates the machine at any suspicious activity and with two-way radio to connect with operator.


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