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30 Useful Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

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Now days Google Chrome is the fastest web browser because of its simplicity and high speed. Many bloggers prefer Google Chrome because it’s fast processing on the other hand there is many extensions and plug-ins is available on chrome store for your ease. Today we have compiled some best chrome extension to blog easily. These extensions are truly helpful for blogger. So just have a look on our today’s article 30 Useful Chrome Extensions For Bloggers” and choose a best extension for your chrome.


If you have been writing Blog with Flickr photos, Flickr2Tag could help your blogging task very much.You could open Flickr2Tag from the icon on Tool Bar. If you are on any Flickrpage when you click the icon, this extension will automatically show same photos on Flickr2Tag.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Ann

Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, one-click…


drag2up makes file sharing on the web as easy as dragging and dropping the file from your computer onto the form you would like to add the file to. The file is automatically uploaded to a host and inserted into the field.

Springpad Extension

Springpad is a free application that makes it quick and easy to take notes and save anything you want to remember – from tasks and lists to products, places, movies, recipes and more. Everything you save is automatically organized and enhanced with useful information for instant access on the web and on your phone

RSS Feed Reader

Instantaneously see when new posts are added to one of your feeds – Easily subscribe to new feeds by clicking the browser icon – Intuitively manage your feeds – Right click context-menus in popup-menu let you mark all as read, and other nifty shortcuts – Export your feeds so you can import them on another computer and/or keep them as backups for safekeeping – Customize your feeds by choosing how many posts to display, or changing the title – Organize your feeds using folders and sorting with drag and drop – Choose between two different themes: Dark or light – Everything is contained within the browser so no other third-party sites are needed – Notifications when feeds have been updated. Enable globally or on select feeds If you have any suggestions or bugs please email me at erik.rothoff@gmail.com or comment in the box below.

Tab Manager

Display all Tabs & Windows – Create new Tabs & Windows – Select Tabs using Ctrl and Shift – Move Tabs between Windows – Delete Tabs & Windows – Pin/unpin Tabs – Search tabs by title & url.

Google Voice (by Google)

Vanguard and Acid3 sites still don’t work because of a general issue with Chrome Extensions. This should be fixed in the next major version of Chrome.

FireShot Quick Captures and Annotatio

FireShot captures screenshots of Chrome web pages. It’s fast and it can capture FLASH. You can edit and annotate your screenshots. It does not depend on website for saving images to your computer, so captures are instant and produce no traffic.

Patr Pats Flickr App

Patr – Pats Flickr App is a collection of useful tweaks and enhancements to the wonderful Flickr.com. It is based on my own use habits at Flickr, as well as input from other users like yourselves! The Flickr group page for Patr is at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/patr/ Come by and ask a question or suggest a feature if you’d like!

Browser Button for Turn Off the Lights

This extension adds a browser button for Turn Off the Lights version 2.0 and later. You must also install this extension below for it to work.

Trash Mail net for Google Chrome

TrashMail.net for Google Chrome™ allows you to create temporary email addresses. This protects you from spam when registering accounts on the internet. You can delete addresses you created at any time.

Video Bookmarks

The Video Bookmarks button from myVidster is a video bookmarking tool that provides an quick and easy way to collect, organize and share videos from any video host (Youtube, blip.tv, Veoh, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc), website and blog. You can also subscribe and follow video collections created by other users and more!


The official Raaga.com Chrome Extension. This extension shows you the * Latest Releases, * Most Popular Albums * Now Playing songs on Raaga.com * Public Playlists.

Storie Web Clipper

The Storie Web Clipper extension makes it really easy to add pictures you find anywhere on the web to your stories. Use it to create scrapbooks of your favorite things, import your photos from any photo hosting site, or even put together a wish list for the holiday season!

RevEye Reverse Image Search

This extension allows to perform an inverse image search by right-clicking onto any image in a web site. You can configure the context menu to contain either a single button with your default search engine, or a cascaded menu with all included search engines.

Chrome Clipper

Chrome Clipper allows you to save regularly used text, which can be inserted into forms at a later date. It is a Chrome version of Clippings for Firefox, although the code is entirely rewritten.

Delicious Bookmarks Extension (Beta)

Delicious Bookmarks is the official Chrome extension for Delicious, the world’s leading social bookmarking service.

Traffic Rank

Shows Alexa Traffic Rank into the toolbar. No clicks required. Traffic rank includes 1 month, 3 month & 7 day, 1 day if available

WordPress Checker

This extension checks one or more WordPress blogs for unmoderated and spam comments.


Explore and share your images and pages with the Zoom.it Chrome Extension by right-clicking on any image or page and choosing ‘View Image on Zoom.it’, ‘View Link on Zoom.it’ or ‘View Page on Zoom.it.

Awesome Bar

Provides Firefox AwesomeBar functionality as a Chrome Extension. Searches your bookmarks and orders in the same manner to the Firefox Awesomebar. To use the extension, type ‘ab’ in the Omnibar followed by your bookmark search text.

Next Page

A must-have extension for reading online books, documentation, tutorials, and blogs. Allows you to navigate to the next page or to the section’s top page by using simple keyboard shortcuts.

HTML Tidy Browser Extension

HTML Tidy is a popular utility for checking HTML documents for common mistakes. It can also present an improved version of the markup, and help make older pages standards compliant. This browser extension makes it extremely easy to check the currently open page for errors. Use it to double check your own sites or be a hero to someone else.

TwitrPix Express for Chrome

Using TwitrPix Express for Chrome, you can quickly share any photo from any web site to all of your friends, family, co-workers and peers on Twitter.

SEO Button by Tarry

Расширение, полезное seo специалистам. Важные параметры сайтов, быстрые ссылки на популярные инструменты и онлайн-сервисы. Написано для замены Seo-bar`а для FireFox, в момент полного отказа от FireFox. Новый функционал постоянно добавляется.

Femto URL Shortener

Femto URL ™ is, first and foremost, a quick and simple URL shortener application (similar to bit.ly or is.gd). Femto URL is, however, so much more than that. It shortens a Web page URL into a “femto URL”, which provides various different redirection options to the user.

WordPress Comments Notifier

This plugin will check for new pending comments of your WordPress blog and display it as a badge.


You can see the PageRank Domain, PageRank URL, Alexa Rank, Thumbnail in the website than you see. – Verifica el PageRank de una URL y Un Dominio en un sitio web, obtén información de las estadísticas en alexa.

 Hebrew Tooltip Translation for Google

Translate Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew by just hovering the mouse over a word.

ABAP Help Blog by Naimesh Patel

Always stay tuned with the SAP ABAP Help blog by single touch. Options allows you fully customize the content on this extension.


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