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25+ Best Collection Of Google Chrome Entertainment Plugins

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Google chrome is the most famous web browser today. People have created a lot of great fun for the Chrome browser that you know how to install with a simple click. One of the fresh things about Chrome is that you can customize your browser with best entertainment like YouTube, facebook, radio TV fun now on your chrome. Today we have decided to share with you “25+ Best Collection Of Google Chrome Entertainment Plugins” you must be select one of them and change your Google chrome outlook.

Starcraft 2 Stream Browser

Always know when your favorite Starcraft 2 streamers are online! Starcraft 2 Stream Browser displays the currently live streams in a handy drop down within Chrome. Like a particular streamer? Click on the icon next to their stream to mark it as a favorite stream and receive notifications when they’re online and streaming!


Web Quest game for Google Chrome. Anyone who downloaded extension can create a ‘Web Quest’: set of tasks (web pages, domains), that other players shoud try to find after quest is started. Currently it is best suited for friends, who has way of communication.


Right-click on an animated GIF to add it to your collection. Later, in a text field, right-click to pop up a visual selection of your previously-bookmarked GIFs. Clicking on a GIF will insert its URL into the text field.

Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Actions for YouTube™ is a lightweight and useful add-in designed for a more comfortable watching experience. Magic Actions is easy to use!

Favorite Doodle

Replaces the logo on the Google homepage and search results page with your personal favorite Google Doodle. You will still see the new doodles on special occasions.

Radio Player Live

NEW! Chromebook support! With the advent of version 2, there may be some bugs. Some minor updates will occur for correct it. Thank you for your understanding.

Torrent Turbo Search

I hope this search engine makes your searching better :) please read: At the moment it is not possible to add the ability to sort the list and see the amount of seeders/leechers. BUT on the whole internet you can’t find better torrents than the first few results of this search engine!

Explain and Send Screenshots

Take a full or partial snapshot of any website or even upload an image into the cloud that you’d like to share or send to someone. You can draw arrows, lines, circles to point out things or even move, erase or delete selections and even annotate the snapshot by placing text right on the image.

TV for Google Chrome

TV World is free plug-in to watch online TV direct from your browser. With more than 3,000 TV channels from all over the world, this is the best way to easily watch TV on your computer. All the channels you love – sports, music, news, movies, lifestyle, entertainment, movies and more – in one small icon on your browser. It is really simple to use, no registration needed and 100% safe. Enjoy.

Google Chrome to Phone Extension

This extension adds a button to Chrome that lets you seamlessly pushes links, maps, and currently selected text and phone numbers to your Android device.

Custom Avata

Custom Avatar Chrome Extension for Turntable.fm. This Extension allowsyou view avatars besides the basic ones that Turntable.fm offers. The folks over at Turntable Customs have created a whole new network, all you have to do is submit a custom request to them and you can have your very own custom avatar!

Auto Replay for YouTube

Adds an auto replay checkbox in Youtube video page. You can also select a portion of the video to be auto replayed. Youtube HTML 5 Supported.

Facebook Troll Emoticons

Do you think the latest trend and funniest comic star ‘troll emoticons’ are funny? Hell yes they are, and now you can use them in your facebook chat box. Everyone can see the troll images, there is no requirement for the extension to be installed.


It adds a moustache to every face on the page! It only processes images over 45000 pixels (that’s 300x150px or similar). Face recognition by Face.com API


This extension allows you to define up to 16 cctv or webcam urls. Every time the toolbar button is clicked it will show an updated version of the image.

Game Button

The Game Button lets you play many free online games directly from your browser with easy access to an endless stream of flash games and other popular online web games. Automatically updated daily so you can discover tons of new web browser games for playing directly from your browser as well as play your favorite classic games for free.


The first 3D anaglyph converter based on HTML5. You can create 3D from your own images or photos from the internet. Then you will see 3D objects with special color glasses on your screen..

Optical Illusion Of The Day

2012 Countdown

The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on December 21, 2012, which is said to be the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mayan Long Count calendar.


The word to guess is represented by a series of dashes below the gallow, each dash representing a letter. To suggest a letter hit the respective key on your keyboard. If the letter appears in the word the dashes will be replaced with it in all correct positions, if the letter is not in the word another part of the hangman is drawn.

iTunes Search

Easily search, download and listen to all your favorite tunes. As soon as you start entering text in the search box, you get suggestions for songs and albums which makes it convenient if you don’t exactly know the song or singer. Have fun.

OGame Timer

We often need how many times remaining until you can build or research something. This extension calculate the time needed to get resources. He gives the maximum number of ships that you can build.


This is Greg Leuch’s javascript files modified by Roman Swietlik (@romanswietlik) and packaged into a Chrome Extension.


Scry adds rollover popups to the following Magic: the Gathering sites: * magicthegathering.com * mtgsalvation.com * gatheringmagic.com * starcitygames.com

SHOUTcast Player

SHOUTcast Player is a simple extension that allows you to play SHOUTcast stations.

No Scroll Bars Please!

Remove the scroll bars and increase the screen space. Scroll feature works normal using middle mouse buttons and keyboard arrow keys

Apple Green

This extension will change every page’s background color to apple green which is a magic color for relaxing your eyes.

wikipedia image preview

It allows for a full-size preview of an image, which loads right in the same page while fading the background. To use it, all you need to do is click “install” above, and then navigate to your favorite wikipedia page. When you click an image, it is loaded. When you click again, you return back to the page… it’s as easy as that.


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