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10 best websites from where you can get HD wallpapers for your desktop

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If you have a desktop, you will prefer to keep and store all your important documents and files in your desktop itself. Also you play games, work and search the whole world’s information on your desktop. When you open or close your system, you feel happy to see your desktop wallpaper. Isn’t it? But obviously, you wish to change your old wallpaper with a new one. So, from where you can get an interesting one again?

Finding wallpaper for Windows computer is not a difficult task but that for Mac can be a bit of tough. If you are not able to find one, then here are ten best websites from where you can definitely get some of the best HD wallpapers for your Mac desktop.

HD Wallpapers

HD wallpapers

Here in this website you will get a range of categories from where you can select a number of different wallpapers. All the wallpapers here are of the resolution 1920×1020.

Vlad Studio

Vlad Studio

This particular website has different types and quality of wallpapers that can suit on every Mac desktop. The wallpapers available here are of various resolutions till 2K.

Simple Desktops

Simple Desktops

The website offers a number of innovative and creative wallpapers that are at the same time also simple and sober.



The website offers photographs in the form of desktop wallpapers. The wallpapers available here will easily fit widely your desktop.

Devian Art

Devian Art

This website is known to have the biggest collection of wallpapers for Mac desktop. You will get tired of browsing through the wallpapers, but the numbers will not end.

Interface Lift

Interface Lifts

Here comes another website where you can get photographed wallpapers for your Mac desktop.

Ultra HD Wallpapers


As the names goes by, the website offers a range of ultra HD and also cool wallpapers for both Mac as well as Windows desktop. You can easily get wallpapers here of the resolution 3840×2140 pixels.

The Paper Wall

The Paper Wall

The website has fixed 30 categories where everyday new wallpapers are uploaded. Also everyday you will get a features wallpaper. Though the collection of wallpapers here is limited but they are enough to impress you for your desktop.

Icon Paper

Icon paper

This particular website is also updated daily with new wallpapers. The best thing about this website is that here you can also get various designer wallpapers that you may not get in any other websites.



If not very quality but still this website can provide you a number of abstract and HD quality wallpapers best suited for your Mac desktop.


Thus, here are the best websites that you can keep on browsing and searching in your free time so that you can get some of the best and amazing wallpapers for your Mac desktop. So, keep on changing your desktop wallpaper every now and then to provide your desktop a new look every time.

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