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Stunning Examples Of Stencil Art

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In visual art,  stencil technique is also referred to as pochoir. Stencil artwork was very famous in china in early of 8th century. But in 20th century it’s began to produce diverse purposes, such as making mimeographs and fine painting. In this art the artist do sprayed pigment around his hand with usage of hollow bone, blown by mouth to direct a stream of pigment. You can made stencils with one or more colors layers by using various techniques, but stencils designed is to be applied as solid colors. In our today’s post we have shared “Stunning Examples Of Stencil Art”. Hope you will like this stencil art collection, so let’s have a look below and enjoy.


Lincoln Patriot Thug

Lincoln Patriot Thug Stencils Art

Make Multi Layered

Make Multi Layered Stencils Art

Surf Style

Surf Style Stencils Art

See You

See You Stencils Art

Leake St

Leake St Stencils Art


Pointz Stencils Art


Bathed Stencils Art

Paris Basquiat

Paris Basquiat Stencils Art


Glee Stencils Art


Czarnobyl Stencils Art

Hunter S Thompson

Hunter S Thompson Stencils Art

Strong drink

Strong drink Stencils Art

Dare to Dance

Dare to Dance Stencils Art

Miss Tic

Miss Tic Stencils Art


Barcelona Stencils Art

On Paris

On Paris Stencils Art


Wood Stencils Art

Music Genius

Music Genius Stencils Art

Cancion De Cuna

Cancion De Cuna Stencils Art

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix Stencils Art


Optic Stencils Art


Aust Stencils Art


Czarnobyl Stencils Art

Leake St

Leake St Stencils Art


Colorful Stencils Art

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