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Beautiful Girls 2-D CG Images that Look Like Real But Are Not

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We had couples of outstanding 2D & 3D posts in past, This post is for all the CG Fans out there and those who love creating CG artwork. 2D & 3D computer graphics (CG) art is competent of generating the most realistic and incredible belongings which was once claimed utterly impossible. The level to which 2-D & 3-D CG can replicate girls faces is simply breathtaking. This list is not huge in numbers but when you start browsing them in details, you would appraise all stunning CG Artistic whom made this CG girls Artworks.

Sleeping Beauty


Gladiator Girl




Secret Princess

Pretty Lady

Angry Look

Charlize Theron


Monica Bellucci

Eternal Beauty

Sexy Looks

an elite enforcer in the city of lights

The Fall of Destinies

Tifa Lockhart

Tsuruchi Saya


Elodie`s Secret Stories

Autumn Mystery

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