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30 Inspirational Collage Style Sites

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Collage comes from the French meaning a glued work. Its origin within Western art is attributed to Picasso and Braque, to artworks from 1911 and 1912 that incorporated newspaper and pieces of chair caning into still life representations. As a distinctive part of modern art, a collage is a picture or design created by adhering flat elements such as newspaper, wallpaper, printed text and illustrations, photographs, cloth, string, etc., to a flat surface, when the result becomes three-dimensional, and might also be called a relief sculpture / construction / assemblage.

Most of the elements adhered in producing most collages are found or recycled materials. This process is widely used by not only artist in contemporary art but also by web designers today. Here are some finely picked web pages which have made used of collage as their theme.


Creative Spaces

Xmas Tree

The Good Little Company


Matt Mullenweg

I Love Colours

English Riviera International Comedy Film Festival


Puma Talk


Edge Point Church


Busboys and Poets

Acervo Pessoal

Lucy Blackmore

Original Juan Specialty Food

Jesse Stephens


Dawghouse Design Studio

Eric’s Empire

Jonny Haynes

Joax Design

Studio Img

Seo Web


The Darling Tree


Sprocket House

Kris Colvin

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