QR Codes: The Unorthodox Uses

Quick Response (QR) codes are one of the more interesting examples of clever ways in which barcodes are integrated in everyday life. Originally developed to track automotive parts in 1994, their flexibility and ease of use made them a common sight throughout the world. After all, with a simple

Creative Examples of Vector Graphic Art

Vectors are used as points, lines, curves, polygons e.t.c in web and graphic designs, which are consists of mathematical expressions. In reality vectors represent images in computer graphics, which is also called “Path” or “Stroke”. Moreover, these are also very helpful for artist, because with help of it they

Illustrious Examples Of Poster Designs

Poster designs are commonly used for the popularity of any object, for instance in function, events, music concerts, movies, sport, political competition etc. Even aid organizations are also use in very large scale. Poster is basically piece of paper design which you can easily pasted or attached on your

Engrossing Examples of Conceptual Drawing and Painting Art

Conceptual art is very popular form of artwork, in which artist makes such kind of art which consists on their imaginations. In simple words, you can say that this art is a genre or concept of artist. Digital Drawings and paintings of conceptual art seem very fantastic and lovable to

Impressive Examples Of Web Designs For Designers

In this modern era, too much competition going on among web designers, its main reason is elongation in businesses. And we know that every company or business must have a own website for international level. Nowadays with arrival of responsive web technology, there have been also many changes in

Spectacular Examples Of Hand Drawn Illustration Art

Hand drawn illustration art is sees very staggering and creative, because artist do very hard work on it. Through this kind of artwork, you can know about the ability of any artists, because this art completely depends on artist’s hands. Our today’s art is related to hand drawn illustration,

Popular Examples Of Business Card Designs

Business card plays very important role in popularity of any kind of business and aid organization. It is best way to introduce your business with others, beside that your business website is also becomes famous through it. Designs of business card should be unique and creative in this modern

Superlative Examples Of Traditional Mixed Media People Art

Mixed Media art is combination of specific traditional arts, which was start in mid of 20th century. In this art normally artist do use different media arts which they do select from traditional art. Mixed media art about people is sees very amazing and fascinating, because you can see

Best Inspirational Logo Designs For Designers

Logos are basically used as identity of any business, organization, and companies e.t.c. Even social welfare aid organization are also use it. As we know, creative logo designs are always very helpful for designers, because they can get inspiration for their designs. Our today article is related to logo

Astounding Examples Of Traditional Illustration Drawings Art

In traditional art, drawings holds great importance which artist make using pencil, pen, stencil, crayon, ink, charcoal, chalk and with different material. In contrast, illustration is a concept or a depiction which artist create using graphical representation. Illustration drawings art consists on conceptual, storybook, and technical art which sees